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The Tennessee Valley Fair’s Agricultural Exhibits and Attractions is a place where urban meets rural.

Founded to celebrate and promote Agricultural Heritage, family values, and individual life skills in our community, the Tennessee Valley Fair places an emphasis on youth development activities through exhibits, tours and the funding of scholarships. Each year, the Fair showcases in the traditions of the past, the products of the Present (emphasizing Tennessee), and the vision of the Future in the areas of Agriculture, Trade, and Industry.

The Tennessee Valley Fair has been a vital part of the life in East Tennessee since 1916. The Fair truly strikes a healthy balance between entertainment and education, between lighthearted fun and series business.

The Fair offers a link between urban and rural Tennessee. It serves as tools for educating East Tennesseans about the importance of agriculture and introducing young people to both traditional and innovative aspects of life on the farm.

The Tennessee Valley Fair reaches far beyond their agrarian roots and encourage industries and individuals to strive for excellence through competitions. Winning the blue ribbon at the Fair competition is a great incentive to showcase the best of East Tennessee. Finally, through the Fair’s social and cultural impacts, the Fair embodies the community spirit and highlight the diversity of the Greater Knoxville.


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